Thursday, 4 August 2016

Charakusa Valley /K7:
Hushe Valley is the last village of Skardu Baltistan Ghanche .The Area is ideal for Mountaineering ,Trekking and nature watching .The place is ideal for those who want to discover a peace of mind .Charakusa (Saraqsa) glacier is located in area of splendid mountains just a few kilometeres from Hushe village .In addition to this valley,there are series of mountains like k6 ,6930-M. Linksar ,7040-M .Kapura Peak ,6530-M. Niza Peak ,6330-m. etc………..The provide unique opportunity to climb rock and ICE pinnacles in the heart of Karakorum .There are also many of the peaks are less then 6000 –M ,5000-Meteres .an affordable expeditions, in karakorum region .

Once can enjoy the unspolied and pollution free natural beauty of the land .